Are you conscious about health? Did you know that you can burn your calories by cleaning your house?  

It is possible and easy. Most household tasks burn calories using some physical movements that you do at the gym. With a couple of small adjustments, you can get a full-body exercise, build your muscle, and burn more calories while you clean up your home. 

Burning your calories at the gym is good. However, it’s not always possible to go to the gym. Your work runs late and household tasks need to get completed as well. If you keep sitting at your desk won’t burn off your calories, but you can burn calories by cleaning your house. Research says, doing spring cleaning can burn up to 3,655 calories, which is more than burning 2,500 to 3,500 calories by running a marathon.

If you’re lazy about your cleaning, vacuuming, and furniture cleaning, you won’t reach those levels. However, if you clean your house more as an exercise than a household task, you can burn some serious calories right away. The number of calories you burn will rely upon your weight and possibly your tallness.

If your weight is heavy, you can burn calories faster. It will also depend on the force you give while cleaning your floors and bath. However, you will burn a decent amount of calories if you are cleaning your home deeply.

The Livestrong reports say a 150-pound individual will burn around 99 calories completing 30 minutes of housework. A person who weighs 200 pounds will burn around 131 calories at the same time. 

Now, would you like to know how many calories you will burn doing everyday household tasks? Which tasks will help you to burn calories? 

Let’s find out some options for getting in a workout in your own home. 

Window Washing 

You can start cleaning your windows inside and out. Washing the windows will give your arms a decent exercise as long as you switch arms so one arm doesn’t get all the benefits. It can be estimated that by washing your windows for 30 minutes you will burn around 167 calories. It can be similar to 100 calories in that time, but this will rely upon how firmly you are working.

Bathroom Cleaning 

The soap foam can be your partner in terms of getting a better exercise while wiping it off your shower or bath. Scrubbing your shower for 30 minutes can burn around 200 calories. If you spend 5 minutes more in scrubbing your entire bathroom, it will burn the same amount of calories as walking on a treadmill for a similar amount of time.   

Dusting & Vacuuming 

Dusting is the most easier household task. However, cleaning your home for 30 minutes with a duster will help you to burn around 50 calories. And pushing your vacuum around won’t just give you a cleaner floor, but also will burn around 50 to 119 calories for every 30 minutes of movement. This relies upon how long you are vacuuming and how hard you are working to push the vacuum around your rooms.  

Loading Dishwasher 

Moving around your kitchen to unload and reload the dishwasher for 30 minutes can burn around 105 calories. If you wash them by your hand, you are going to burn around 160 calories. 

Besides, you can burn around 130 calories by making beds for 30 minutes in your home. You can also burn 70 calories by ironing your clothes for 30 minutes. You can rearrange or set your furniture for 25 minutes to burn around 100 calories. Since it will be energetic, some outside work like gardening, cutting the grass, and different things on your plan can replace a gym workout. 

If you are serious about getting an exercise while you clean up your home, we recommend you to plan deliberately to take advantage of your household tasks. When you clean or polish your furniture, you can use the wax polish in a tin rather than a spray.

So you will need to rub harder and longer to get the shine and you will end up burning more calories. And when you are ironing your clothes, keep the clothing bin on the floor so you need to bend and stretch for every clothes. Completing your household tasks in a manner you can use the stairs to get up and down as much as possible.  

The study shows a 150-pound individual can burn 200 calories per hour while doing household tasks. But the variations we have mentioned above will support you burn more calories. Additionally, you will learn to balance exercises to increase the benefit of your daily activities. Although most fitness experts won’t recommend you to do household chores as your regular weight loss workout, you can do these household chores when you cannot go to the gym.