Do you want to clean your house? Just keep it clean! 

This works well in theory, but practically it’s very hard to keep your house clean. It is true if you balance work and children together. 

We live a life, which is not only busy but also need time and attention. Often the little tasks in our lives like cleaning the house get ignored.

In the hassle of our daily lives, we don’t have the same amount of free time as we used to have before. It is important to have a clean house if you want to stay happy and healthy. If you’re lucky to have a house, then learn how to start cleaning a messy house! 

Find the starting point of your cleaning route 

Since you’re here because you’re confused by the mess, you’ll need to find a side of your home that doesn’t affect you. To locate the ideal spot to start cleaning a messy house, follow these: 

  • At the end or start of the house. 
  • You’re able to move to the next room easily.
  • It isn’t an over dirty room.

When you locate your start spot you’ll need to make a circle all through your home so you can move from one room to another without zigzagging. 

Tips to clean a messy house faster (Step by Step)

Now you have understood where to start cleaning a messy house, it’s time to provide you with a few tips to get rid of the mess. Since the mess didn’t come overnight you can’t assume to clean it in that time frame.

  • Picking up the trash: Another step to clean a messy house quick is to pick up trash. You can take a trash bag with you and walk around the house. Then go to each room and pick all the trash. Carrying a trash bag with you disposes of the unnecessary things fast. You need to stay concentrated on picking up the trash; you shouldn’t be forced to do any cleaning. 
  • Picking up the dish & cups: After cleaning the trash, you can round up lose dishes and cups lying around the house. You won’t have to stress over cleaning them, you can put them into the sink or dishwasher. This will help you to pack the clutter into one area that you can manage later.   
  • Picking up the laundry: Now you need to take a laundry bin to pick dirty clothes. You can try to sweep the house and store the clothes in the laundry area. You can also put your clothes in the washing machine while you are cleaning different rooms of your house. Try to remember to place it into the dryer once it is finished.
  • Picking up the clutter & items: Since your laundry bin is empty, now you can use it to pick clutter and things that you left out. If your clothing bin gets full, you can use a box or bin to pick things. You might need to pick things that you do not require anymore. You can also make a donation box if you have time. If you have to clean fast, don’t stress just get everything and store it in your bin.  
  • Moving room by room: Now you can focus on cleaning room-by-room. You can take a storage bin to pick up items that don’t belong to that room. If you have done picking, then you should start fixing the room. If this room is complete, you can move onto the next room and continue through the whole house. 
  • Dusting each room: Now you need to dust each room. You can use a feather duster to clean quickly. You can leave the kitchen for the last spot to clean. This gives you a spot to mix cleaning items and trash as well.
  • Vacuuming: The next step to clean your house is to vacuum the whole house. You need to vacuum room by room and make sure changing the vacuum pack.
  • Cleaning the bathroom: Now you can start wiping down the sinks and counters with a disinfecting cleaner and use glass cleaner on the mirrors. Then you can clean the shower using a spray. You can even spray it down and let it work while you clean somewhere else in the house, then you can come back and wash. Now you need to clean the toilet using a toilet bowl item that vanishes without work. 
  • Cleaning the kitchen: Now you have done with your entire house. The time has come to clean the kitchen! Before you start cleaning, set aside all clean dishes or empty the dishwasher if it’s clean. After this, you need to clean the dirty dishes or the dishwasher. Now you can wipe down the stovetop and the microwave. Now you need to bring out your mop or steam cleaner and clean the floors of your kitchen and bathroom. 

This is it! Now you know how to start cleaning a messy house. Everyone wants their home clean, don’t you? 

You can follow these simple tips to clean your house fast and effortlessly. The best idea is to clean the little messes before they turn into big messes!